Is Technique Forgotten in Modern Day Cricket?

A considerable measure of batting records identified with strike rates have tumbled amid the most recent 2 decades. In any case, viewing the cutting edge Indian batsman gives me a feeling that they are prepared to effortlessly discard their wickets. While seeing the way in which the Indian batsman play heedlessly in the present arrangement, influences me to think about whether the Indian group of the 1970s involving the immense Sir Sunil Gavaskar, GR. Vishwanath, Mohinder Amarnath would have fared superior to anything MSDs Men dressed in Blue.

Gavaskar gave careful consideration to strategy and never relinquished his wicket. Another cutting edge opener Virender Sehwag plays so heedlessly that he is inclined to getting himself out effortlessly. Regardless of whether the current Indlan players have scored keeps running by the dozen, the specialty of the falling procedure is a reason for concern.

The determination strategies of the present groups are more focussed on choosing swarm pullers and not experts. Test coordinate cricket has offered route to some abbreviated organizations that are useless. Envision a group that nearly pursued 430 keeps running in the second innings amid the 1970s for a win by not being heedless and contrast that with a group that loses matches in light of the fact that the players play foolhardy shots.

Gone are the days when players used to construct an innings by understanding the rocking the bowling alley. Hitting the ball out of the recreation center may give moment results and high scores. Factually if a batsman hits the ball at a strike rate of 200% he will undoubtedly accomplish a high score of 100 in say 50 balls. In any case, the reality remains that he has played just 50 balls and does not have the method to remain at the wicket for 600 balls.

The purpose behind the Indian batsmen bombing in the 2010 away arrangement in South Africa is on account of they have neglected to manufacture an innings persistently. They have tossed their bats at the balls and played nervy shots and have yielded their wickets as opposed to concentrate the rocking the bowling alley precisely.

The Indian group of the 70s with batsmen, for example, Sunil Gavaskar, GRVishwanath, Mohinder Amarnath, Ajit Wadekar, Eknath Solkar would have fared much better against the present SA assault since these players focussed more on method as opposed to on the triumph of rocking the bowling alley assaults by sheer common sense.